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More diversity In Fashion

It’s clear to see Diversity is making its appearance in the Fashion Industry.
Harpers Bazaar Arabia April 2017 by Silja Magg
Harpers Bazaar Arabia April 2017 by Silja Magg

Diversity in fashion still has a long way to go, but the way things seem to be happening in New York has caught our attention. This article really demonstrates the way things need to go:

As it says in the article:

Forty-three models signed a petition demanding more diversity before this season’s New York Fashion Week, and a full-page ad in New York Times did the same. It looks like it worked.

"Forty-three models signed a petition demanding more diversity before this season’s New York Fashion Week, and a full-page ad in New York Times did the same. It looks like it worked. We wouldn’t call what happened on the runway this week revolutionary, but we would call it a larger step in the right direction. Fashion Week committed itself to real change this season in several ways. Historically exclusive designers like Michael Kors mixed things up, designer Anniesa

Hasibuan held a casting call for immigrant models, body positivity hero Christian Siriano hit another home run for body diversity, and much more occurred as well.

Now that the walks have been walked and the news has been made, it’s up to the designers to put their money where their publicity-making mouths are by actually designing for the women who walked in their shows."

This is followed by a series of profiles of different designers and their models, such as J Crew who casted real people from their own directory staff friends, journalists etc, which proved to be a stunning presentation, going against the norm and creating a unique yet purposeful campaign.


Tracy Reese for the season embracing #diversity in race, religion, and personal #style celebra5ng the many faces of being a #strongwoman.” as she writes on her instagram.


#diversity #style #strongwoman Yes, lets empower!

Another Designer fully embracing diversity is GYPSY SPORT acclaimed "The Most Diverse Runway" showcasing people of colour, transgender & varied sizes

Neilson Barnard Via GeQy Images
Neilson Barnard Via Getty Images

Aier all isn't this world we live in... Diverse.

We should see it celebrated through all mediums, and why should fashion only be deemed wearable by a certain typecast.

Serichai HelmutLang Runway
Serichai HelmutLang Runway

An interesting point was made in another article, that "at least two models of colour walked every show in New York, making for what appears to be its most diverse season in recent history."

This has got an interesting slideshow of European period themed amre modelled by a very diverse

bunch. We LOVE this.

Check out the link to see the likes of Duckie the notorious (model) black beauty and other designers work such as Prada, Alexander Mcqueen and Dries Van Noten

It looks simple to put pretty alternative models in pretty clothes to make a pretty on trend point about how it is important to have more diversity in fashion but to look at this from another point of view...


"I don't feel the same pressure I did"

BY CARLENE THOMAS-BAILEY eloquently explores the thoughts of Dilone model from The Dominican Republic.

Dilone says "I don't feel the same pressure I did back in the day when there was only one spot. It's amazing how much diversity there is now."

She can see an actual change in the fashion industry, explaining how it feels friendlier backstage and she is not the only model of colour walking shows; this has now relieved the pressure of gettng a job, knowing that more than one model of colour will be able to get selected for

a show.

It’s dejected to think that before this pressure even existed and further more to think in the 21st century these underlining issues persist paramount. To think that models of colour were not seen in magazines or in fashion - bar the selected few, which in turn impacts societal perceived absence and thoughts around race and acceptance. With the media implying that people who are different to a preconceived idea of beauty are not worthy for fashion or the public eye. Its’ like HIGH SPRAY in the 21st Century.

Showing diversity is being real to the world we live in and giving people the righqul empowerment to be part of the fashion industry. After all everyone wears clothes therefore follows fashion in their own unique way, which equals the obvious MORE DIVERSITY IN FASHION it only makes sense.



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