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August 31, 2018

Photography @jonharveyb

Model Eye

Creative Direction @ameliamariana


Scouting our new faces- we're feeling the energy. We've been asking our models what beauty means to them?

Ryan says with an eloquent realness of wisdom:

This speaks volumes about our models and our values, ultimately looking past the visual atheistic, looking past the outer shell of a person and what they express as a human being. When scouting our models, not only do they turn heads but portray an exquisite persona. Radiating their fullness of self!

We are also fully transparent in saying not even models flourish every day. That is not real and just like everyone else we all have our good and bad days. So, hold that comparison when you appreciate someone for external attributes it could be very likely it is a good day or the picture your looking at has been edited and retouched.

We want to stand by our what makes us human acknowledging its more of what connects us than separates us.

Thank you Ryan, and thank you for the word RADIENT which we will be now calling all of our new faces who join us at COLLABMODELS.


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