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September 14, 2018

Our strongest memories started at high school, adolescent nostalgia, friendships are formed, identities develop, behaviour transcends in trying to be accepted and yet deal with what seems to be the struggle of life, fitting in and yet for some are the best times and others the worst. We all have our own unique stories in all its diversity and that why we want to showcase all faces, all races all identities all stories.


Represents young adults of colour going through high school, Tuck Shop identifies the appearance of indifference between western culture and mixed heritage backgrounds that is profoundly different. The historic timeline of children of mixed heritage in this representation is a mysterious depth of misplacement and belonging coinciding as one.

Valter :Model /Muse

Valters character and substance translates intense calm and solitude. Polite manner and curiosity behind his eyes with a regel demeanour “He captures you in his essence”

Ameishay: Model/Muse

Ameishay’s character is contagious, with her warm free spirit, delicate and audacious. You cannot help but bounce of her energy, laugh with her and awe in her wonder.

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